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Memory introspection using sun.misc.Unsafe and reflection

by Mikhail Vorontsov

It is useful for a serious Java developer to realize how much memory is occupied by one or another Java object. You may have heard that we live in a world there memory is not an issue anymore. This may be true for your text editor ( though, try to open a large document with tons of embedded images and charts and see how much memory will be consumed by your favourite editor ). This may be true for a dedicated server software (at least, until your business would grow to a bigger market or you will run another piece of software on the same server). This is may even be true for a cloud-based software, if you are rich enough in order to pay a premium for a top-class server hardware.

Still, in the real world your software will once reach a point where it makes sense to spend money in its optimization rather than trying to obtain an even better hardware (currently the most you can get on a commodity class server is 64G RAM). At this point you will have to analyze your application and find which data structures consume most of application memory. The best tool for such task is a good profiler, but you can start with a cheaper approach of analyzing your objects inside your code. This article describes an Oracle JDK based ClassIntrospector class, which will allow you to analyze your application memory consumption.

I have already mentioned the Java object memory layout in the String packing part 1: converting characters to bytes article. For example, I have written that a 28 character long String should occupy 104 bytes before Java 1.7.0_06. To be honest, at the time of writing of that article I used my profiler to get a proof for my calculations. Now it is about time to implement a Java object introspector using pure Java and Oracle JDK specific sun.misc.Unsafe class.

We will use the following sun.misc.Unsafe methods:

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